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Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs have proven to be a major problem in recent years. They were nearly eradicated in the 50s, but due to discontinuing the use of some toxic pesticides, as well as, the increase in international travel, the problem is worse than ever. When you are traveling and...

Use This Not That

Do you know what the possible downsides to using drain chemicals for clearing a clog are? One major issue that could cause you issues in the future is that they could damage your pipes. While many of them are listed as safe for your pipes and safe for your septic,...

Houses And Fire Damage

Whatever type of home you buy, unless it is brand new, comes with a history. Does this matter? This really depends on the history. For example, what if the home you wish to purchase has a history of fire damage? Is this a problem?   To answer that question, please...

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